Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's finally here!

I didn't feel it at first, but now that it's finally here I don't want it to happen. Eversince I was 7th grade, I felt like I was ready.. I was ready for high school, I guess I was wrong. For my 8th grade year, I learn so much and gained a lot! I thought it wouldn't end so soon, but it's finally here. Two years of learning, figuring out who you are, your purpose in life, and figure out the true friends you really have. I can tell you for a fact that, I wouldn't have done it without my loving friends! I've gotten so close to so many people this year, this year.. it wasn't about the boys anymore, it was me figuring out myself and learning from my mistakes, taking it in and doing good out of it! I became a much brighter person, I've become a new and improved MYLENE! No more: boy crazy, late night phone calls, and drama for me! I wana live my life to the fullest, take every day step by step, and learn how to be a much better adult for the future! I wana take time to thank everyone of you but everything is going on soo fast, it's like I have no control over it.. I know that in the end, I will miss each and everyone of you.. Remember, it doesn't matter how much pictures you take. Pictures may be there for quite a while, but one thing that can never be erased, is all the memories we had together.. The fights, laughs, tears, and drama will stick with us forever and ever.. Thanks everyone! You have been a really big part of my life! It's been two heck of a years! Now let's all dress up, stand up tall, and thank God for all the things he has given us! God Bless you guys! && I Love You! =)

with much love,
Mylene Marie Balisalisa

P.S. I hope you guys can come to the ceremony! I'd really appreciate it if my friends were there!

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