Monday, May 28, 2007


Well as always, I am on myspace browsing around. I go to my cousin's profile, my cousin from Hawaii and I see that she has think link to a video page in myspace. I watch the videos and literally cannot believe, it's a girl from Guam. She is 17 years old with a son and writes songs and yet still goes to school. Wow! Now tell me, how does she do it? Well her songs are just awesome! they inspire me, well except for the so called "weed talk".. but other than that, her songs are great..

Hope you can check out some of her stuffs..
By the way, her name is Tanya Manibusan, if anyone is familiar with her..

Click her for the videos

Click her for her music account

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marianas life said...

my my, please change the font color. my old fart eyes can't read your blog very well.