Sunday, May 27, 2007

I'm on a roll..

Today is Memorial Day! No classes for us today.. Today is sort of like a resting day for the 8th graders are Hopwood. This week is going to be hectic! Well, let me enlighten you with my plans for this week..

Tuesday, May 29th:
-Promotion practice
-Award Ceremony

Wednesday, May 30th:
-Stay home for the day..
-Promotion Ceremony at 3pm

Thursday, May 31th:
-HIV Presentation at Pacific Island Club

Friday, June 1st:
-E2 homeroom party!
-Megan Ito's departure! :(

I was hoping for a happy ending for this week.. but unfortunately, i am not. A dear friend of mine from elementary, a very bright minded student is leaving the island to Texas? Yeah, I'm going to miss her! && I'm going to miss everyone else!

This year by far, has been the best years i've ever had.. Despite everyone leaving, '07 is a good year for me! now c'mon.. Let's PARTY!!

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