Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I have a talent?

Other than being the silly me.. I have that emotional side. For instance, when I'm in a relationship or when I have things to say but can't say them right, I write them down. I don't know but I don't mean to make it a poem, it just turns out the way it is..

So here is a poem I wrote for my ex boy friend. Don't laugh! But I do want to know what you think! Do I have that talent?


One look is all it takes
They see it but they don't believe it
One look into your eyes,
pretty much explains it.
They never thought,
We would be "meant to be"
But it's you and me
and that's all it can ever be.

Our eyes met,
filled with mystery.
Our feelings shared
and then I knew,
we were bond to be.

Now say you love me
and promise you'd never leave me
'Coz to me, i see
The feelings you have for me are real!

Now close your eyes,
hold me tight,
and kiss me slowly...

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