Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Can this be a song?

Here is another one I wrote, this one took me a while. I had a lot to say. Ian, what you think? Wana write songs together? I'm down with it! =)

This is to someone that is special in my life and yet still is! =)

© 03.11.07

We started out as strangers,
Not knowing what God will offer us.
We met in such a young age
So we weren't really on the same page.
We'd see each other for days
but yet we would go our separate ways.
Time went on, years went by..
It was like we had said our last good bye's

Just as I thought it was over
It never really was because we had gotten older.
I had never realized that we had been
connecting deep within.
We share a strong bond
We'd be together till dawn.

Our friends would tease
But we had nothing to release
They'd call him a bum
and make him look dumb
But to my eyes,
It wasn't that,
It had been something more than that..
Someone I could count on
Learn a thing or two
A real gentleman
Better than the rest of them

I had never thought,
I would be..
In love with a guy such as he
We had never admitted it
But we'd shown it

Then it came..
The day before you had left..

I thought it was the end
and that I would never see you again
I thought you'd never say,
Those words I've been longing to hear
and yet I did..

They've always said,
"Expect the unexpected"
I had never suspected
That he would like a girl such as me
And then those words came..

It started out as, I like you..
Time past.. It became, I Love You.
It has been a while since you've been gone
and I may not have said this more than I mean it,
But i truly do, miss you...

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Unknown Rhymer said...

eish eish...see...you gots talent as well...yah shure u wna write a song together?...yah shure bout dat?...well yah...if u wants to den its cool wif me...jus holla at me weneva u wna write dat song or yah...peace!!