Tuesday, May 29, 2007

`07 Poem

An inspiring poem for our fellow Hopwood 8th grade students..
Hope you like it, 'coz i sure did!

© Ian Leyco

Final Goodbye's

This was one heck of a school year
Good times or bad, thinking 'bout it gona shed a tear
Spending 'em two years here, man all of it was worth it
Next year, we might be a Manta Ray, Ayuyu, or a Dolphin
We thank the teachers for everything they have taught
Just thinking 'bout all 'em work, it's a scary thought
We be thanking them for mostly everything that we know
Well this our time, this our time to blow
For all the support they have given us, we thank all our mom's and dad's
For sure we gona make each and every parent proud
As we head into that stage and shake our teacher's hand
We gona see everyone happy, then later they gona be sad
'Cause this may be the final time they be seeing each other
But remember that all 'em memories gona stick with us forever and ever..
Thanks to all the teachers and faculty members for making everyday the best!
We gona return the favor by heading into 9th grade, it's a start of a whole new quest
So as we head into the next chapters of our lives
We be leaving Hopwood and saying our final goodbye's

Soo.. Whatcha think?!

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