Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Poem/Rap written for the Governor

As usual, I am browsing through myspace.. I go to my friends page, he is a song writer and a poet. Okay, so I got permission from my friend if i could put his name up and his name is Ian Leyco.. So I come across this poem he wrote on his blog. He feels everyones pain. The problems in the economy and PSS! Here is what he had to say:

Hey Mr. Governor, what the hell did yah do?
What's up with all the bullshit you putting us through
You promised all of us for "better times"
Everyone's suffering... We be wishing for better lives!
What's up with keeping the economy down?
Ain't no more smiles.... It all turned to frowns
What did we ever do to you?
You're too busy living large, you don't even have a clue
Betcha you can't survive living a day walking in our shoes
We gone make a petition..
To get your crazy ass outta that position
It's either that or bust..
We be marching up to yah office if it's a must!
With all the bullshit you put us through... You lost everyone's trust
We made a mistake for ever electing yah governor
You don't know what to do... We need a new leader
We're tired of all this everyday shit that we face
Just get to the fact that your a big disgrace!
Soon you ain't gone be governor any more..
So just get your broke ass home
You pretty much fucked up our lives
Now we gone put up a fight just to make things right!

--uhOh! Someone's mad!
hmmph! Well I sure do wish for better times!

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