Thursday, April 19, 2007

A petition?

So as usual, I'm on myspace right? I look through my bulletins and I see this.. It says:

"Hey did u know that PSS funds are going down? We are trying to start a petition to get the government to give the schools money....... if you are up for doing this......just type your name and last name n school right below....."

I think this was started by a 7th grader in Hopwood Junior High School. WOW! Do you see how much the students care? YES, we do! The list just start earlier tonight.. I'll be updating the list every time I see a name 'cause not all my friends are friends with each other.

We'll see how the list goes and I'll post it up in my blog.

Okay, okay.. So we just found out that the House appoved the bill and is going to the Senate. The plan is over folks but I am not sure if the so called "petition" in myspace is still going on. I still have to check on that. I'm in school, so I don't have access to myspace. Or actually I do but the site doesn't work! =)

So calm down... We aren't planning on doing something stupid but it would have been fun! yet stupid.


The Saipan Blogger said...

You need some guidance.

You guys are taking your SATs. That will only hurt you, not them.

The Saipan Blogger said...

You need to be more creative than just a walk out or skipping a test.

You want to bring attention to the fact that the students are being short changed. You want to put the spotlight on the people doing that to you, not hurt your futures.

You are smart, can you think of a way to do that?