Monday, April 23, 2007

More Pictures!

Here are some more pictures from Beautify CNMI's 1 Year Anniversary banquet at Aqua Resort:

Bree and Doug.

Bree was awarded with the Environmental Champion Award with two other champions, Kathy Yuknavage and Captain Carl Brachear. Bree is my science teacher in Hopwood and she is also my advisor for the Student Action for a Viable Environment. Bree has been a person to everyone and especially to Saipan! Congratulations Bree! I Love You! =)

Here are more pictures:

Me, Sami, and Madisa

Madisa, Litcelle, and Doug

Me and Sami

Sami, Angelo, and I

Here we are posing with Mr. Famous! Angelo Villagomez, he was the emcee that night!
Here he stands with me, Litcelle, and Sami

Sami, Rep. Cinta, Me, and Litcelle
We Love You Cinta!

Sammerz and I

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