Saturday, April 21, 2007

The List

Okay so I promised a list of people that listed their name in this petition on myspace. I didn't go online yesterday, so i think this is incomplete. I checked through all my latest bullitens and these are the names that were on:

1.)WELINTON DAVID-hopwood jr high,7th
2.)Michelle Casilla-hopwood jr. high,7th
3.)jeSsica alcazar-hopwood jr. high. 8th
4.)Mylene Marie Balisalisa - HJHS, 8th
5.)RhoNda MeNdOzA* mHs
6.)Farah Chan-WSR,6th
7.)Tony Angello-MHS, 10th
8.) myrene evangelista-mhs
9.) Kristian Alegre-MHS
10.) Elizabeth Alcazar- SSHS
11.) Damian Hideo- SSHS
12.) Danica Calvo- SSHS
13.)Evelyn Pangelinan-SSHS
14.) mYk Jacob - SSHS* gO mAntAs! =]
15.)Marie Del Carmen-hopwood-8th
16.)Cindy Assera-SSHS
17.)Deveney Delacruz-hopwood 7th
18.)Florence Canonoy - Hopwood Jr. High, 8th
19.)Madisa Onni-HJHS, 8th
20.)Ian Leyco-HJHS

Number one, Welintion David is the person who started this petition, and I'd just like to thank you for your support and care for PSS and for everyone else and especially for yourself.

If I missed your name, please let me know. I'm sorry if the list isn't in order but I just gathered all the names together.

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