Sunday, April 29, 2007

Last day

Today was the last day for the 26th annual Flame Tree Festival. Well unfortunately, I didn't go! What a bummer! But instead, I was out with my family and my parent's friends at Mirco Beach. And my little airhead, Christine Joy Santiago.. a.k.a. Ceejay! =)

Today was fun, but dang.. I missed someone real bad! I got to share all my thoughts and feelings about the person to CJ! It was very interesting and it just made me think about last night.

Last night was part of the reason why I couldn't go to Flame Tree. Talk about a 13 year old girl coming home at 1am in the morning! Sorry parents! But hey, no need to worry.. I was with my cousin and some friends.

Oh darn, I forgot to mention! I want one of those turtle shell necklaces with your name engraved on them! Yes I really want that! One thing I wanted to get at the Flame Tree tonight. But one thing that I did get was those pins. I has like cute sayings on them, such as: "i love my boyfriend", "sexy back", "polanio", and so much more. I got 2 "sexy back" and 1 "sexy!" I'm keeping one "sexy back" and I'm going to give the other one to my twin Maddie. And for the "sexy", I'm giving that one to my little sexy brother JC! No, not my real brother but Mr. Ferrari's son. It's a long story, so just ask me when you see me!

Anyway, after a long and busy week.. I'm ready to get back to my old self! And get my homeworks and projects done! Whoa, our Micronesian challenge project is due next week!

grr. ;p

P.S. --I finally got another Beautify CNMI T-shirt. It's green and purple.. Me like :)
Thanks Angelo!

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marianas life said...

Turtles are endangered and it's illegal to wear jewelry made out of their shells. Having a necklace out of sea shell is one thing, but my budding environmentalist, turtles are off limits!!! They are endangered because of humans hunting them for their shells and because of humans polluting the oceans and beaches where they live.