Friday, April 27, 2007

Flame Tree Festival

The Flame Tree Festival is going great so far. I've been to the first two, now hopefully I'll be able to go to the other two. This week has been nice. We finished the SAT 10 and now we end the week with the island style way.. Celebrating our beautiful Flame Tree's in Saipan. Yes, we LOVE Saipan! =)

BTW, Beautify CNMI has a booth at the Flame Tree Festival next to the food vendors and basketball court. There will be Recycling Bins at the booth, so please recycle any recyclable items you may have in the Flame Tree, such as: Cans and Bottles!

To Hopwood Jr. High Students.. If you go to the booth, please let them know that you are there to volunteer and sign up your name and put down how many hours you worked. You will receive extra credit in you Science Classes! So don't just do it for the credit but for a good cause, for the CNMI!

One last thing, I am trying to round up students to join MINA (Marianas Island Nature Alliance). Please talk to me about it, it will be $5 dollars for students and $25 for adults.

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