Monday, April 23, 2007

Beach Babes

Today, my plan was.. Eat, watch t.v., read my book, and use the computer. Then i got an unexpected phone call.. eh, no Maddie you're not unexpected but your plan was. She asked me to go out to the beach with her and so i did. We went to Micro Beach! When we got there, we saw Grace. Afterwards, our goal was to blow up that floater. It was long! We made a new friend, his name was Chris. He saw us struggling with the floater, so he went to check if he had a pump but sadly, he didn't. It was sorta funny, we didn't know whether we were suppose to stay away from the guy 'cause he was a stranger or be nice to him, like he was towards us. That's the thing, people always say "stay away from strangers." But how would you know if he was just trying to be nice and help you. Oh well, i don't know. I'll just stay away than be sorry.

This day was fun. It would have been more fun if there was higher waves and hotties around. We only saw Grace and George, and the rest were people with big family parties. While it was just only Madisa and I trying to have a nice Sunday afternoon.

Man, you can't imagin what we were doing. We were total retards! Haha, I love you Madisa! Madisa Onni--At first, I only knew her as my 7th grade classmate for P.E. Then she became my 8th grade classmate. Afterwards, a really great friend! And now, my twin, sister, retard, partner! Haha, we always have those dumb blonde moments! Though, she is the only one blonde. No more blonde hair for me ;).

Oh well, I know that in the future.. I will always look back at the times we shared and the moments we were together. I know we will always be friends. You're a great friend Madisa, a bestfriend! You're awesome, LOVE YOU TWIN! =)


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