Sunday, April 29, 2007

Last day

Today was the last day for the 26th annual Flame Tree Festival. Well unfortunately, I didn't go! What a bummer! But instead, I was out with my family and my parent's friends at Mirco Beach. And my little airhead, Christine Joy Santiago.. a.k.a. Ceejay! =)

Today was fun, but dang.. I missed someone real bad! I got to share all my thoughts and feelings about the person to CJ! It was very interesting and it just made me think about last night.

Last night was part of the reason why I couldn't go to Flame Tree. Talk about a 13 year old girl coming home at 1am in the morning! Sorry parents! But hey, no need to worry.. I was with my cousin and some friends.

Oh darn, I forgot to mention! I want one of those turtle shell necklaces with your name engraved on them! Yes I really want that! One thing I wanted to get at the Flame Tree tonight. But one thing that I did get was those pins. I has like cute sayings on them, such as: "i love my boyfriend", "sexy back", "polanio", and so much more. I got 2 "sexy back" and 1 "sexy!" I'm keeping one "sexy back" and I'm going to give the other one to my twin Maddie. And for the "sexy", I'm giving that one to my little sexy brother JC! No, not my real brother but Mr. Ferrari's son. It's a long story, so just ask me when you see me!

Anyway, after a long and busy week.. I'm ready to get back to my old self! And get my homeworks and projects done! Whoa, our Micronesian challenge project is due next week!

grr. ;p

P.S. --I finally got another Beautify CNMI T-shirt. It's green and purple.. Me like :)
Thanks Angelo!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Flame Tree Festival

The Flame Tree Festival is going great so far. I've been to the first two, now hopefully I'll be able to go to the other two. This week has been nice. We finished the SAT 10 and now we end the week with the island style way.. Celebrating our beautiful Flame Tree's in Saipan. Yes, we LOVE Saipan! =)

BTW, Beautify CNMI has a booth at the Flame Tree Festival next to the food vendors and basketball court. There will be Recycling Bins at the booth, so please recycle any recyclable items you may have in the Flame Tree, such as: Cans and Bottles!

To Hopwood Jr. High Students.. If you go to the booth, please let them know that you are there to volunteer and sign up your name and put down how many hours you worked. You will receive extra credit in you Science Classes! So don't just do it for the credit but for a good cause, for the CNMI!

One last thing, I am trying to round up students to join MINA (Marianas Island Nature Alliance). Please talk to me about it, it will be $5 dollars for students and $25 for adults.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Poem/Rap written for the Governor

As usual, I am browsing through myspace.. I go to my friends page, he is a song writer and a poet. Okay, so I got permission from my friend if i could put his name up and his name is Ian Leyco.. So I come across this poem he wrote on his blog. He feels everyones pain. The problems in the economy and PSS! Here is what he had to say:

Hey Mr. Governor, what the hell did yah do?
What's up with all the bullshit you putting us through
You promised all of us for "better times"
Everyone's suffering... We be wishing for better lives!
What's up with keeping the economy down?
Ain't no more smiles.... It all turned to frowns
What did we ever do to you?
You're too busy living large, you don't even have a clue
Betcha you can't survive living a day walking in our shoes
We gone make a petition..
To get your crazy ass outta that position
It's either that or bust..
We be marching up to yah office if it's a must!
With all the bullshit you put us through... You lost everyone's trust
We made a mistake for ever electing yah governor
You don't know what to do... We need a new leader
We're tired of all this everyday shit that we face
Just get to the fact that your a big disgrace!
Soon you ain't gone be governor any more..
So just get your broke ass home
You pretty much fucked up our lives
Now we gone put up a fight just to make things right!

--uhOh! Someone's mad!
hmmph! Well I sure do wish for better times!

Monday, April 23, 2007

More Pictures!

Here are some more pictures from Beautify CNMI's 1 Year Anniversary banquet at Aqua Resort:

Bree and Doug.

Bree was awarded with the Environmental Champion Award with two other champions, Kathy Yuknavage and Captain Carl Brachear. Bree is my science teacher in Hopwood and she is also my advisor for the Student Action for a Viable Environment. Bree has been a person to everyone and especially to Saipan! Congratulations Bree! I Love You! =)

Here are more pictures:

Me, Sami, and Madisa

Madisa, Litcelle, and Doug

Me and Sami

Sami, Angelo, and I

Here we are posing with Mr. Famous! Angelo Villagomez, he was the emcee that night!
Here he stands with me, Litcelle, and Sami

Sami, Rep. Cinta, Me, and Litcelle
We Love You Cinta!

Sammerz and I

Beach Babes

Today, my plan was.. Eat, watch t.v., read my book, and use the computer. Then i got an unexpected phone call.. eh, no Maddie you're not unexpected but your plan was. She asked me to go out to the beach with her and so i did. We went to Micro Beach! When we got there, we saw Grace. Afterwards, our goal was to blow up that floater. It was long! We made a new friend, his name was Chris. He saw us struggling with the floater, so he went to check if he had a pump but sadly, he didn't. It was sorta funny, we didn't know whether we were suppose to stay away from the guy 'cause he was a stranger or be nice to him, like he was towards us. That's the thing, people always say "stay away from strangers." But how would you know if he was just trying to be nice and help you. Oh well, i don't know. I'll just stay away than be sorry.

This day was fun. It would have been more fun if there was higher waves and hotties around. We only saw Grace and George, and the rest were people with big family parties. While it was just only Madisa and I trying to have a nice Sunday afternoon.

Man, you can't imagin what we were doing. We were total retards! Haha, I love you Madisa! Madisa Onni--At first, I only knew her as my 7th grade classmate for P.E. Then she became my 8th grade classmate. Afterwards, a really great friend! And now, my twin, sister, retard, partner! Haha, we always have those dumb blonde moments! Though, she is the only one blonde. No more blonde hair for me ;).

Oh well, I know that in the future.. I will always look back at the times we shared and the moments we were together. I know we will always be friends. You're a great friend Madisa, a bestfriend! You're awesome, LOVE YOU TWIN! =)


Wing Beach Clean up

On Saturday, Madisa and I thought that it would be fun if we went to Wing Beach and help with the clean up. Well it seem like a good idea because it was extra credit for our science class (Mrs. Bree Reynolds). It's 15 extra credit points right? I think I need those points to cover any test or quiz we are going to have 'cause we haven't had much assignments in your class and I know I will need them in the future.

Well I checked Beautify CNMI's website and it said that 17 volunteers attended the clean up. I think that's correct. There wasn't much trash though. It was like a walk on the beach and when I see a trash, I pick it up. I guess not a lot of people pollute that area? Well that's good! =)

The clean up was fun and we got wet the rain started to pour down on us! Well, I hope that I could help out in another clean up. Oh yeah, and if by any chance any of you know how much is it to join MINA, I'd like to know. I want to join! =)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

One Year Anniversary

Last night was Beautify CNMI's one year anniversary! To all the volunteers, congratulations! We all did a good job. I am really happy for the CNMI and for all the people who helped out. Even though I am not a Chamorro or Carolinian, I am still a local and CNMI islander in heart. I love Saipan =). Cinta, Angelo, Bree, and everyone else... You are great!

BTW, Angelo.. You did good as an emcee!

The List

Okay so I promised a list of people that listed their name in this petition on myspace. I didn't go online yesterday, so i think this is incomplete. I checked through all my latest bullitens and these are the names that were on:

1.)WELINTON DAVID-hopwood jr high,7th
2.)Michelle Casilla-hopwood jr. high,7th
3.)jeSsica alcazar-hopwood jr. high. 8th
4.)Mylene Marie Balisalisa - HJHS, 8th
5.)RhoNda MeNdOzA* mHs
6.)Farah Chan-WSR,6th
7.)Tony Angello-MHS, 10th
8.) myrene evangelista-mhs
9.) Kristian Alegre-MHS
10.) Elizabeth Alcazar- SSHS
11.) Damian Hideo- SSHS
12.) Danica Calvo- SSHS
13.)Evelyn Pangelinan-SSHS
14.) mYk Jacob - SSHS* gO mAntAs! =]
15.)Marie Del Carmen-hopwood-8th
16.)Cindy Assera-SSHS
17.)Deveney Delacruz-hopwood 7th
18.)Florence Canonoy - Hopwood Jr. High, 8th
19.)Madisa Onni-HJHS, 8th
20.)Ian Leyco-HJHS

Number one, Welintion David is the person who started this petition, and I'd just like to thank you for your support and care for PSS and for everyone else and especially for yourself.

If I missed your name, please let me know. I'm sorry if the list isn't in order but I just gathered all the names together.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A petition?

So as usual, I'm on myspace right? I look through my bulletins and I see this.. It says:

"Hey did u know that PSS funds are going down? We are trying to start a petition to get the government to give the schools money....... if you are up for doing this......just type your name and last name n school right below....."

I think this was started by a 7th grader in Hopwood Junior High School. WOW! Do you see how much the students care? YES, we do! The list just start earlier tonight.. I'll be updating the list every time I see a name 'cause not all my friends are friends with each other.

We'll see how the list goes and I'll post it up in my blog.

Okay, okay.. So we just found out that the House appoved the bill and is going to the Senate. The plan is over folks but I am not sure if the so called "petition" in myspace is still going on. I still have to check on that. I'm in school, so I don't have access to myspace. Or actually I do but the site doesn't work! =)

So calm down... We aren't planning on doing something stupid but it would have been fun! yet stupid.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's actually 500 letters!

By Moneth G. Deposa
Variety News Staff Writes:

NEARLY 300 letters written by students of public schools were hand-delivered to the Legislature yesterday.
Bree Reynolds, science teacher at Hopwood Junior High School, personally brought the letters yesterday.
“These letters were written by my students from seventh and eight grades. I initiated this move as I want to teach these kids not only how bills become laws…what I’ve been trying to instill in them is that they have a voice too. The whole point is participatory democracy like in the States,” she told Variety.
Reynolds taught for many years in the U.S. where she said was “very active” in trying to get public education supported and funded.
“We shouldn’t just sit back and wait for the legislators to make a decision because they were elected to represent them. I want these kids to learn that they have the right to participate. Lawmakers are not there for them to worship but to provide what they need,” she said.
Besides the letters, students also called on their friends and used Internet access to spread the news.
“They also used their My Space accounts and e-mails to send the word out…they’re communicating with other students in different schools,” the teacher said.
Reynolds said though they are aware of the financial situation of the government, there are “alternative ways to find new revenue” which should be considered by the Legislature.
She recommends the passage of a new tax measure.
“The bottom-line is, schools in the U.S. are paid through taxes. We pay property tax, sales tax, other taxes…and this money goes to the schools and mostly come from the local government and not federal government…but here they keep waiting for the federal government to get that money. I want them to pass a tax like a sin tax of $1 for cigarettes and $1 for every six-pack of beer sold in the CNMI,” she said, adding that the people and the community should “pitch in a little.”
According to 8th grader Madisa Onni, she wants the Legislature “to know my desire to finish my schooling so that I can go to college…and that will never come true if schools will not be provided enough and support and funding.”
Mylene Balisalisa, also an 8th grade from Hopwood, said: “We can be better persons and citizens of the commonwealth if proper education is provided to us…in that way we can help our ailing government to recover. They need to help us.”

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

PSS is suffering

On Wednesday April 18, 2007 at 3:30 p.m., Mrs. Bree(my science teacher) and I and a few other students will be delivering hand written letters from 200 Hopwood students to the legislature. Each letter is wrapped around a pencil and tied with a ribbon. The media will be there. If you would like to join us spread the word. Tell your parents, tell your cousins, tell your friends.

Email the Governor from this link

Tell him to fully fund PSS including enough money to pay the utility bill!!

Use the government listings in the phone book and call your representative. Get your friends to write letters and deliver them at the same time tomorrow. Make signs. The news will be there. The more people we get the louder our voice.

If you want a good education, speak up and write a letter. You have the right to!



Walk it out!

Yay! So I finally made myself a new blog spot. My ever own! Thanks for convincing me, Angelo.. Well here it is now.. So I'm just a teenager, still learning this and that. So don't mind my slang words and bad grammar. We'll just see if I do get into this and I think I might, because there are many things going on in my life right now and it's cool to know that I can just write it all here! So that's it for now.

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