Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! I guess I am.. I'm spending a lot of time with my family and with some of my close "girl" friends that have always been there for me. I have also started hanging out with some new "guy" friends!

I've come up with a FEW New Years Resolution (goals I want to reach for 2008):

1. Grow my hair... long-er
2. Get taller!
3. Lose some weight (more like, be healthier)
4. Move to Hawaii in the summer
5. Maintain my grades to an A-B average
6. No Drama
7. Be a better Daughter
8. Be a better Student
9. Be a better Friend
10. Be a better Role Model
11. No boyfriend (if I do, then must be a good one)

I know I will have more later, that's all for now.

A wrap up of December

1. Before the school ended--Josh, Ray, & I made a short commercial for our last project for Mrs. Torres class. We are such beginners!

*Not it any particular order

Axe Body Spray Commercial:

2. I successfully attended all the Simbang Gabi/Aginaldo Masses. It lasted for 9 days and it also included the last week of my 1st semester! It really wasn't so bad and who ever attends all the masses, they are to make a wish and the wish is granted [hopefully].

3. I had Ast 3 of my exams and had a high B on 1. I think I'm going to have 3 As and 1 B for my report card.

4. We had a Christmas Pep Rally and it was "okay". We all seemed like a happy family. "One School, One Heart!" Manta Ray Family. --> I have one unexcused tardy! My friends and I went off campus during break and came back to school 5 minutes late! (It was kind of cool 'cause Mr. Indalecio let us out! It's against school rules, his rules!)

5. Two of my "Kaibigans" left the island for the break. Cindy, she is coming back on the 2nd of Jan. and Wayne, is coming back on the 8th of Jan. I miss you two!

6. Madisa crashed at my place then the next night, I crashed at hers! Ah, we are still so inseparable!

7. I have been spending a lot of time with many of friends going out to:
- Street Market
- Eat out at Mc Donald's
- Eat out at Oleai's
- Go to the movies (Alvin & the Chipmunks, Water Horse, & I am Legend)

8. I have began reading Eclipse--which is the 3rd book of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. It's funny 'cause I haven't finished reading Twilight (1st book) and I haven't read New Moon (2nd book).

9. Our GOOD friend Megan Ito has come back to Saipan. She is gonna go to school with us at Southern this coming semester! It's nice to have her back! Welcome Home :)

I can't think of what else to add. If I have others in mind, I'll add it to the list!

Good Bye 2007

Saturday, December 15, 2007

This is starting to make me look old!

I just got off the phone with my second oldest brother Amado Balisalisa Jr., best known as Jun. We had an interesting conversation.. He asked about the family down here, I mean all is good except the youngest boy in the family. I don't want to start, 'cause I might go on and on..

Anyway, he told me something I probably expected.. Him and his girl friend are 3 months pregnant! Oh my! Serious, this is starting to make me look old. I mean, I've got a niece that was born less than 2 weeks ago and in less than 7 months, I'll be having a new niece or nephew.

OMG. My brother is starting to look more like my dad now a days, well he was named after him. ..and as for his girlfriend, her name is Milyn. Oh this world is so random! Lol.

More babies! Yay!

My cousin Michelle Averion and Ronald Averion are now expecting a baby. Michelle is now 8 weeks pregnant, to possibly twins (:

The once Beach Road Magazine Model and my cousin Ronald are living the life they dream of. I think they just got their miracle. I wish them the best and hope that they get what they want, twin babies (:

I love you too! Aww, look at that model belly! Hehe. She still looks great!

Call me Auntie Mylene!

My cousin Rae Joyce Averion gave birth to our beautiful Jayem Mae Averion on December 7, 2007. At 7.15 lbs and 20.25 inches long. Welcome to the world baby JM and especially to the family. We love you!

I'm an auntie. This is great! This sure did help make my holiday spirit go up (:

Look at her, she is so adorable! I love you JM.

My Goodbye

I had an oral exam to do for my English class. We could either write a poem or read any kind of poem in front of the whole class with "emotion". We had to "feel/act" the poem.

As you know, I write poems, well I used to. I stopped a few months ago and I think the poem that I wrote brought our so much emotion. I wrote about my possibilities of leaving next year and how I felt about it. I hope you like it as much as my 4th period pre honors class did (:

My Goodbye

As the year comes to an end
I stand here with my head up high,
I know that I'm one step closer
To my good byes

I've gone through so much
That it will be hard to let go,
Of what really matters
And now I'm not sure,
If I really want to go

My friends are like my world
They stuck by me like glue
Even through the rough times,
They were there too

Then I though,
How am I to leave such happiness behind?
I know when I'm gone
I'll be shedding tears,
All night long

My family is my rock
No matter the conflict
I know that they will always be there

I've always said,
When it comes done to this
With no hesitations nor doubts,
They will always be
My number one priority

I'm taking everyday one step at a time
With no regrets, no drama,
And especially no sorrow

I don't want to make it
Harder than it really is..
So please help me
For the next semester will fly by fast
I need to make the next few months,
Worth Wild,

For they might be my last...

Sad? Yeah, I thought so too. I started crying even before I started reading it. I backed away 3 times when I stepped in front of my class. I'm used to talking in front of them but this one was hard. It was hard to tell them, they are like my family. No matter how loud they get, I still love them.

When I finally read it, I became so shakey and when it came to the parts where I was talking about my friends, it took me a while to get it out. I know it's going to be hard leaving everyone, especially the place i called call for the past 14 years but I want to move, it's for the better (:

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Holidays?

Hmm, I don't know but I'm not really in the Christmas spirit this year? Though, spending tremendous time with my friends and having a lot of fun is starting to turn the tables.

A big bummer for all of us this holidays, is that--our lovely Cindy Acera has left to the Philippines for some family matters. We miss you Cindy! Take care and see when you get back!

Here are few pictures with Cindy on our last day with her:

Cindy & Holly

Patrick Holly & Spongebob Mylene

Dora Rachelle, Jolly Holly, & Ms. Mylene Claus

Rachelle, Austin, Mylene, Holly

Holly, Rachelle, Mylene

Aww, I just realized.. Cindy was the camera women, so she wasn't it much pictures. We took videos though she has it and unfortunately, she's already at P.I.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I have a nice brother, I guess.

My oldest brother felt generous today and decided to treat me and our friends to P.I.C. It was suppose to be just a family thing with him, my other brother, and I. BUT things got messed up. SO my other brother went to the beach with his friends. When he dropped him, he called me and asked if I still wanted to go. My dad was leaving to work, so I didn't want to be alone. He asked me if I wanted to bring a friend, the first person I thought of bringing was Rachelle, one of my really good friends, aka TWIN KRUNG.

So it was double-double. I brought Rachelle and he brought Arnold aka Avila. It became a war, Krung Vs. Arnolds. It was funny how both of their names were Arnold. Lol.

Ahh! Yeah, my brother is kind. He's only an ass sometimes but I guess that's how brothers are sometimes. Though, I still dislike my youngest brother. BUT oh how I miss my brother at Guam!

Tony the Tiger

What a brave boy Tony is, he got a tattoo, AT THE AGE OF 16. Boy, you should be happy with getting your license at 16 but a tattoo? Oh wow. Heh.

Well Madisa and I have been hanging out with tony alot. We like his car, Lol :).

Do you like Tony's Tat?:

I forgot what Carpe Diem means! Bleh, I'm a dumbass, I know. I asked so many times and I still don't remember! Heh.

Whew! That was fast!

Do you Likey?

--my bff

3Mz Reppin!

Take One: The serious pose
Mr. Muira's 4th period class Reppin!

Take Two: Do whatever ya want!
Dam-Mad Reppin!

Ish my Kaibigans. These are just a couple of people I spot with.
I'm the only freshmen :). I'm their favorite!

I'm back!

You know what sucks?

Having your computer broken for 2 weeks while you are grounded!
Must I tell you?! It felt so blehh.

I was so bored! When there was no homework to do, I'd be a couch potato. Ew, I gained weight, I think!

So I'm back and it feels good! I've got projects to do and my computer came back at the right time.

Another good news: I'm no longer grounded, Lol.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

I've been caught!

No comment (:

Madi rocks my Socks!

What socks? I don't wear shoes! Lol.

Madisa and I are still the best of friends! We spent Thanksgiving together! We went to the movies together! We also spent a whole night together, stolling around with our buddy Tony and spending a night at her place (:

Whoa, now I'm grounded! Lol.

No worries! My parents think I'm rolling around with a boy, so they grounded me. I'm actually fine with that. I need to stay home, save up my cash, and plan for Christmas!

The thought of Christmas makes me happy and yet also sad!

Happy: Because it has yet been an awesome year! This has been my best year by far (:
Sad: Because it's my last Christmas on the island! In a few months, I'll be gone :(

Aww, let's save the tears for later.. I'm going to have a blast in the next few months! Love you guys!

Kaibigan 3

Karaoke Night (:

Another night at Cindy's house. We decided to make it much much more fun with the karaoke set! First we started of talking, gossiping, watching the tv, eating, and going online with the desktop and laptop.

You LIKEY my foot?

There was a bunch of us that nigh. Rachelle, Cindy, Wayne, Christine, Michelle, Alex, Raissa, and I. All Filipino (:

Well well, when Rachelle and I got to the desktop, we were trippin on the camera. Look at these cool pictures!

Twin Krung!
We're stuck together whether we like it or not! Lol
Can you smell what the rock is cooking?

After messing around, we all went into the room and watched Fantastic Four. Some were online and some were text addicts! Lol. Okay, time to sing!!

Unfortunately I was only able to stay for two song! Then my brother came to pick me up.
Aww, like what wayne said "I was M.I.A. [Missing In Action]" Referring to me.
We just took quick pics before I left! Aww, I know they missed me! Eh.

Kaibigan 2

Whether you are famous or not, we don't quite care. If we're together, nothing else really matters. My friends and I went to the Martin Nievera with our families then we all met up, then DITCHED :). No offense to Martin, I mean.. He's a great singer and all but there was just so many people there! I just couldn't bare to stay there.

I can't see him in this picture.
Well at one point of the night, we desperately tried to take pictures of him. But unfortunately, we are all so short! ..and people wouldn't give us room to go to the front! Sorry ah! Just 'cause we not V.I.P. Lol

So we took Cindy's car, went to Mc Donald's then went back to Memorial. We just kept on taking pictures, from one camera to the other. Everyone wanted to be in EVERY picture. If only you could see all the pictures! We were such camera whores that night! Hah.

Poor Cindy! Lol
Smile (:

That night was not just fun & games. We also got crept out, not because it was dark but we felt chills, like ghost were around us. Then Alyssa Cadiang told us that when she was there the night before, she saw a little girl there.. Just walking, wearing all white, she glanced at something else, then look back and she was gone. She made us pretty scared that night! GOSH. Lol

Click on the picture to enlarge. Look closely, now do you see a ghostly figure next to wayne? It looks like a soldier and he's holding something, maybe a gun. Idk, but this picture freaked us out!

For the rest of the night, we went to Hyatt. Took tons of pictures! Doing this and doing that! We were acting like fools but we don't care, we had so much fun! (:

Who will be the next Ms. Teen Marianas?

Oh such idiots! They think they can jump high! Ehh. Kidding!

Pinay Islanders, born and raised in Saipan!
I like how I can be totally myself around them and they accept me for who i am! ..and the fact that they are all Filipinos are a GREAT PLUS in my book (:

When we were at Hyatt. We went to that circle thing. Lol. Well, we were just sitting, laying around, and telling scary stories. When suddenly! The lights turns off! We all ran.. Everyone just wanted to get away, QUICK! Wayne punched me in the eye with his elbow and heck, I just kept on running! We were just freaking out! It was so odd, we were telling stories about lights flickering and then all of a sudden it happens. Wow! We were crept out for a few days. It was just not explainable! What could we have thought? We're just teens tryna have fun!

I went home first, I'm not quite sure what happened to those guys but they said that they were still crept out and some more scary things happened to them. Aidai!

Wow. We all fit in the picture!

Good Night (:

Monday, November 19, 2007

Kaibigan means Friend

My friends have been so awesome to me! They make me feel so special and complete. I don't know what I'd do without them. They're the true friends I can count on..

Here are some of my great friends, bonding..

What do you do on a rainy Saturday night?

HAHA! It's my Krung(airhead)

Eww. I look hideous.
Enjoy my silly face guys :)

Oh now didn't you learn something today?

Filipino words of the day

Oh I'll add more later :)

Huh? This can't be right!

So I got my progress grades last week. Ohh, some of you are not going to be proud of me :(

Computer Apps: 81% C
Algebra 1: 90% B
Biology: 87% B
English Pre Honors: 97% A

I'm not quite happy myself but this few weeks went by so fast. We barely even did any work in class. I don't know but there has been so many breaks lately. Oh well, it's okay. I'm still doing my work.

And to those I disappoint, I'm sorry!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


,Congratulations to the Freshmen class. We won 1st place for the October (Halloween) Pep rally.

We got to keep going with this.. if we want to be class of the year. We can do it! =)

Furthermore, I'd like to present (FINALLY), all the officers & advisers for Saipan Southern High's Freshmen Class of School Year 2007-2008.

L-R (Top)
Donna Mae Formalejo (Co-Sec./Tres.)
Mylene Marie Balisalisa (Ombudsperson)
Mr. Smith (Adviser)
Jacquelyn David (Secretary)
Mrs. Mendiola (Adviser)
Jove Jenn Maalihan (Vice President)
Coquina Teregeyo (President)

Joshua Diaz (Parliamentarian)
Donovan Tudela (Treasurer)


Last week Wednesday we had Chigasaki Day with Saipan Southern High's sister school, Chigasaki High School from Chigasaki, Kanagawa. Check out the Chigasaki website!

At first, the thought about Chigasaki was so exhilarating to all of us, especially to the Freshmen class. In the beginning, we had to worry about pep rally. Then we come back to school and we attend a STUCO meeting and find out that we only have a few days to get ready for Chigasaki. We had 3 days of no school ahead of us and none of the Freshmen knew about our plans with Chigasaki. We come back from those 3 days.. All stressed out, going all over the place, planning meetings, making arrangements, doing thing, and doing that! It was so hectic! I was SUPER WOMAN for a week! Then when the day had come! We were all freaking out! We had to take care of the food, the tables, the tents, and the arrival of the Chigasaki students!

It had turned out that EVERYONE in the Freshmen class had cooperated with our plans, it was a great success. We had so much food, a cooler filled with 6 cases of BBQ chicken/ribs, a whole cart stacked of drinks. It was like WOW! We looked like we were ready to serve the WHOLE school.

Oh that day was such a blur. Everything went well though, except for the fact that the rain just kept pouring towards the end of the ceremony. We didn't even get to perform =(. We really wanted to though.

Here are some pictures:

Wow! Here they come..

Pshh.. Michio! Wanna be.. Lol

Eat some grub guys! Oishi!

The Cheerleaders had a great show for us!
They were spelling SAIPAN in this picture, see the "P"?

Melanie and I were trippin on the Japanese Guys that were sitting next to us during the performances. She made a quick easy boyfriend. You see that dude leaning on me? Yeah, he wanted to be mine.. but I politely said "no, no, no".. sorry honey!

See the guy in white? Now, that's Melanie's mate (:
He's pretty cute. Lol

Let me present to you.. "D.A.M." Well in this picture, it's "M.A.D."
SEE?: Mylene, Anne, & Donna.. Then backwards =)

Hah. Don't worry, there are always time for my HOES =)
Wayne, me, & Rachelle.. +PLUS+ Cindy [who took the picture]

Anne, Rayray, & Melanie


There they go with the famous Peace sign (:

Since I couldn't find that one dude that was wearing a white polo with tiny pink strips, that had said "HI" to me earlier that day & waved this hand right in front of my face, the one that I had said "Hey, we talk later k?" and smiled.. Anne, Kathleen, & I went out looking for hot Japanese boys :). Sadly, I did not find my admire (eh). Though, we sure did find a TONS load of hot guys!

We found my admire for the very last time! Lol

Look at all those guys!!

They are so tall!

Ohhhh! The one in black is super cute! :)

Aww, the dude in black is another cutie!
I have a secret about him! Lol

There's more:

Our last goodbyes to Melanie's boyfriend & his friends (:
One of those dudes gave me their fan.. I forget who. Lol. But THANK YOU =)

Cindy, Rachelle, & I went to check out the advance band & couple of Chigasaki students rehearse for the ceremony.

SSHS's favorite Japanese student--Michio!

The advance band class played two pieces for us. One that I will ways remember is: "Tila"

Do your thing Trumpet players!

Goodbye everyone :(